LIVRAISON GRATUITE À Marrakech, Paiement à la livraison partout au maroc.


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First and foremost, I want to give you an idea…

a reminder, that you are as unique as a snowflake and the story you are creating through your experiences deserves to be embodied.

But let me start by telling you a story

When you walk the streets of your city and really take notice of your surroundings, it invigorates you, inspires you – the architecture, atmosphere, people, style and energy – but then there is something else particularly charming that you can see.

Lovely powerful women.
You know, the ones that grew up back when times were hard but people looked their best. When women wore bags daily, shined their shoes and their hair, and spent the day out socializing over a cup of coffee. And now, when the world has changed completely, they remain the same. They still spend their days out, playing chess and socializing, and they have the same look.

[I haven’t asked, but I suspect it’s because we haven’t come up with anything better. Touchscreens sure are handy, but in terms of style, you can’t beat classic.]

Back in the day, possessions were meant to last and these lovely women seem to still be wearing and using items bought 50 years ago. And they look magnificent.

Is it just because vintage is trendy now? Or is it that, through the years spent with a particular person, things get better, absorbing the life of their owner and becoming something more than just an object, developing a charisma of their own?

We want to provide you with the possibility, the inspiration, the urge to follow that example and carry a bag which will become a part of your own design, a representation of your life and your unique story. Annis bags are thoughtfully designed and crafted to serve that purpose, and to get better with age. Like friends, like wine, like you.